Text Book

Dr. Volpe co-authored the following textbook:

Introduction to Podopediatrics, 2nd Edition - Thomson, Volpe, eds, Churchill Livingstone, 2001


Dr. Volpe authored the following chapters:

1) “Pediatric Gait” in Introduction to Podopediatrics, 2nd Edition, Thomson, Volpe, eds, Churchill Livingstone, 2001

2) “Ankle Foot Orthoses Following Surgery” in Pediatric Foot and Ankle Surgery, Jay, ed., Saunders, 1999

3) Volpe, R.G., Wernick, J. W. “Normal Function of the Foot and Leg in Gait” (Chapter 1), Clinical Biomechanics of the Lower Extremity, Valmassay, ed., Mosby, 1995


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